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     We would like to thank you for taking a moment to read our e-newsletter! Here at Elite Chimney Solution Inc., we pride ourselves in our unparalleled commitment to excellence, safety and complete customer satisfaction. We welcome you to join us this month for the launch of our bi-monthly newsletter in which we take you on a short journey into our mission, our passion and our commitment to working together with the community to create a better tomorrow.

      Many Chimney companies get a bad rep, when one thinks of a Chimney company they immediately think of a black and white, grungy world where dirty faced paupers with metallic bristle brushes and ripped up clothes squeeze themselves into your homes while puffs of black smoke rise up around them. Some think that the Chimney is exclusively the result of having a fire place. These misconceptions have become a staple in the American-psyche that any and all association with a Chimney company is something you need to keep hidden, like you have become a societal pariah by giving them any business, and once you do, they teem up like roaches to infest your neighborhood. These ghoulish misconceptions, immortalized by pre-1950’s Hollywood have helped to enable hundreds of thousands of Chimney fires and a general neglect of these important units across our great Nation, and around the world.

      It all began here in New York, where a band of professional stone masons with over 35+ years of experience had a vision to revolutionize the industry by catering to the lowest common denominator, sweeps. They weren’t in it to make a quick buck, they weren’t in it to scam people, and they weren’t in it for anything other than to spread awareness for fire safety. They did this because they had children and family that they cared about, and they left their family at home under these units, units that they had worked on so many times in so many different homes. They knew that as home owners, it was their responsibility to not only teach their children to maintain their home, their sanctuary, the place they rest their heads at night-but also to enable them to understand that to maintain the things we attribute values to, we must  keep them working up to tip-top-shape. There is a common saying that goes something like, “It is better to stay ready then to get ready.”

      Chimneys have a long history in the world. Going back to the days of the Romans, there where tubes used inside the walls to draw smoke out of bakeries. The earliest European chimney we have evidence of where used at the keep in Conisbrough Castle, in Doncaster, England . It wasn’t until the 16 th-17th century that they began to find themselves in homes. The first home based chimneys where built out of wood and plaster or mud, since those times the building materials changed to brick or stone and improvements throughout the ages continued to evolve with the advances in human ingenuity and the spark of the industrial revolution. Since the 1950’s many newly built chimneys have been required by building codes to have a chimney liner which prevents the brick or stone chimney shaft from being exposed to the acidic by-products caused by the combustion used to heat the home. In modern times we use mostly use furnaces that primarily use oil or gas. There are other methods still in use today, such as kerosene, pellet stoves, wood stoves, Solar panels, Geothermic heating systems etc… Our company targets our Oil and Gas burning neighbors, who exhaust this smoke out from their furnace, through a pipe called a flue that sits inside the chimney encasing that runs up out of the side of the house, generally out of the roof. There are newer homes that eliminate the horizontal traditional flue systems in favor of a direct vent which runs out the side of the home.

      Oil and gas are not clean burning fuels, Oil produces soot, and Gas produces Carbon. Both are build ups that can cause potential danger in the form of Chimney fires, Acid build up that causes deterioration to the structural integrity of the unit, or weaken the masonry work from within the chamber of the chimney and work its way around to degrade the roof around the chimney over time, other hazards can include puff-backs, smoke inside the home, as well as enabling a crack or leak to form, in which case may cost you extensive financial commitments that no one is ever ready to get done immediately. It is for these reasons, as well as a host of other reasons that a lot of home owners get their Chimney cleaned and inspected according to the N.F.P.A (The National Fire Protection Agency) standards. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that Oil burning furnaces have their flue cleaned annually, whereas Gas burning furnaces have their flue system cleaned every 2 years.

      Here at Elite Chimney Solutions Incorporated, we provide an in-depth 30-40 minute cleaning from the roof down, all the way to the bottom of the furnace. We do this to ensure we get out all the greasy accumulated film that has cumulated throughout the season(s) every time we are in need of using our furnace to heat something. Once we complete this cleaning we move on to inspect for cracks or leaks in the form of a Draft Test. Once we complete this we ensure the brick work is not in need of a repointing and provide an N.F.P.A inspection to show you how your unit matches up to the N.F.P.A recommendations and what you can do to make your unit more efficient or safer.

      Our commitment does not stop there, we offer a satisfaction guarantee of up to a year for oil and two years for gas. Ensuring that we have cleaned it efficiently as to have stalled the process of accumulation build up throughout the window we guarantee it up to. We offer products such as caps, liners, brick work, masonry, and cement work. Our company is fully licensed as well as insured, so you can rest assured you are in capable, caring hands when you join our family.

     We want to ensure the same level of care and efficiency that we award our own families, possessions and homes. We understand that in this day and age, where many of us are financially pressed and we worry about our futures, our financial stability, the financial stability of our loved ones, our children.

    We provide a low cost service for our cleaning that comes with a free inspection, and free estimates for any cracks or leaks as well as any repair work that you feel may be necessary to ensure that your home provides you the best and safest shelter it can as far as this area of work is concerned.

      Many of us are consumed with our daily routines, our daily problems and stresses that some of us, out of necessity, tune out things we deem benign, such as routine maintenance, only to find out that problems could have been avoided had we kept up with them throughout the years.

      Our homes are our safe havens, they are they places we keep our most precious and prized valuables. They are our retreat from a world that stresses and tests us. A place we find shelter and comfort in and which allow us to develop into the people we wish to become. It begins with these places, our homes that we keep clean, we keep up with improvements, and we keep up with maintenance. Our homes are a reflection of the people we wish to be or become or are becoming.

     No matter how big or small, we decorate our homes with the memories of things that bring value and meaning to our lives, that tell our stories and remind us of where we come from, whether it be a country far away, under different skies or a neighborhood a stone’s throw from the porch where we sit on in the summer watching the clouds form shapes that take us back to our childhood.

     No matter what language we speak, no matter who or what we love, no matter what we do for a living, at the end of the night, when we rest our heads on our pillows and welcome sleep we all want the same thing, a place to belong to. A place in this world where we can feel loved and love others.

     We forget we must award ourselves that love first and foremost. This love comes from self-preservation, and many of us neglect that, we become robotic and drown ourselves in our routine and become reflections of the mundane that we fought so hard to escape at one point or another. We can remind ourselves today that tomorrow is a gift that when we apply clarity to, we open up the potential to conquer our desires, our dreams we’ve had since we were kids, goals we gave up on when we sacrificed them for the greater good. Take a moment to remind yourself of that person, and prepare yourself for tomorrow, it will try to discourage you, and throw a wrench in your plans, but hold your head up high- you are the architect of your own life.

     Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for being a valuable part of this community. Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Warm Regards,

Your family at Elite Chimney Solution